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JLS Love You More - BBC Children In Need Single 2010


First day that I saw you thought you were beautiful
But I couldn’t talk to you, I watched you walk away
And it felt like I spent all of that second day trying to figure out what it was that I should have said
Third day saw you again, introduced my friend, said all the words I wanted to
On day four and five and six I don’t know what you did, but all I could think about was you........



Đăng bởi: ycantho - Ngày đăng: 08/12/2010
Ngoại ngữ Thuốc Nhi Sản Ngoại - Thủ thuật - Mổ Bệnh học nội - Phác đồ Đọc giúp bạn Vui để học Basic sciences Đề thi E-LearningDiễn đàn Y Cần ThơQuyên Góp

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